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    Laurie Noonan

    Member since: Dec 30th, 2008 Ann Arbor, USA

    Oliver, You have forever changed my life! I am on the road to total financial freedom. I now am able to trade my retirement accounts with amazing success. I no longer feel the need to pay for a financial planner. This has happened because of your vision for and gift to those willing to receive it. Thanks from my heart! Laurie N.

    Richmond B.

    Member since: Dec 5th, 2009 Lima, USA

    Dan - As a student, it is very obvious that you do, indeed, put your heart and soul into your presentations. I have never experienced the level of interest by an instructor in actually ensuring that your students understand, not just get the instruction but truly understand the material, as that level which you achieve. Furthermore, the material is presented in a very simple and understandable manner. It is inescapable that you have worked intently to achieve the finest product possible in the form of the ifundtraders program. In the course of my own life, I have been exposed to many instructional programs: US Naval Academy BS, U MD MA, Navy Flight Training. I can only shake my head at the superiority of your instruction. Thank you, Dan. - Richmond N

    Roger A. J. Aquin

    Member since: Aug 1st, 2010 Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

    Very few services and systems are deserving of my personal recommendation, but ifundtraders are the exception. In appreciation for the daily mentoring tutorials received from Dan, Michael and the technical support team at IFtraders, a note of recognition is most deserving. I retired in 2008 at the age of 55, having experienced a rewarding 30+ year career within the Banking and Insurance industry which served as the basis to my growing affinity to the world of investments and the broader financial markets. Also equipped with an undergraduate degree in Economics (majoring in International Finance), followed by (3) three professional designations (within the Financial Services sector), I decided to take a more proactive stance towards the preservation and accumulation of the family nest-egg, versus relying on the services of a full-service broker for execution. My trading preoccupation started as a fundamentals based position trader. A natural evolution occurred through my time-in-the-chair, which led me to experience consistent but moderate daily PNL gains/successes as a swing trader, but my losses were not under control. Experiencing first hand the volatility and unpredictability of the global markets, I developed a growing uneasiness with holding open positions over weekends, or even over night. This is where my quest and desire originated for a multi-faceted integrated (Equity, ForEx . . . et al) system, which would provide me with a professional intra-day trading platform and self-development program, while reducing my financial risk exposure. My professional trading solution was found at ifundTraders. As an IFT prop. trader, in concert with the Blackwood platform, I am provided with: - total portability/true thin access – internet data delivery from any world-wide location, - the capacity of broad market coverage, with the functionality of an advanced streaming market data feed (Level-II, and multiple ECNs), - a platform composition which performs strenuous load testing to ensure consistent speed and accuracy at all times, including peak market conditions with zero data loss and zero speed differentiation, delivering ultra-low latency, and total reliability, - expansive real-time (tick-by-tick) technical charting analysis solutions, - a completely customizable, intuitive, user-friendly workspaces, that include drag and drop functionality, over a multiple monitor configuration, - daily educational trading tutorials and executable strategies, - while reducing my personal financial market risk.

    Warren Wolf

    Member since: Jan 1st, 2009 Albuquerque, USA

    I have been to countless trade schools and seminars. iFundTraders out performs all others hands down. The countless hours and dedication that the instructors have is absolutely unmatched. I will never leave and will be here for life! Warren Wolf

    Lynda S.

    Member since: Sep 6th, 2008 Texas, USA

    Ask three questions of any company, once I have paid in full:(1)How many times can I repeat the class for... free? (2)Once I have paid in full do I have an ongoing chat room to listen to daily instructors no extra charge? (3)Will you stand behind me and support my trading by funding my account?...iFundTraders does this, just ask how to join!!

    Andy Wagener

    Member since: May 14th, 2008 Appleton, WI, USA

    This testimonial goes out to all those who are seeking a solid methodolgy to either revise their trading plan or to learn trading for the first time. I met Oliver Velez when he first began to create his vision of a world of traders in Washington D.C. I believe I attended one of the first 7 day programs in West Palm Beach. As a new trader I had no day trading experience. I have listened to Oliver, Dan, Mike, Don and Paul on how to trade the markets. Not only have they educated me on trading the markets beyond any other program or seminar that I have taken. They have also let me hear their personal experience about the personal development of becomeing a trader. With Ifundtraders there are no hidden secrets, the room moderators provide you the raw truth about the work and personal discpline that is required to become a trader. They also help you with your own psychological development so you may become a master trader if you commit yourself to the process. The education and trading strategies that they provide are in valuable, but that alone would not be enough for me to become a master trader. It is the repeated statements of listening to the trading room in either fx or equities that allow me to develope everyday. It is belonging a group of traders that have a common goal in the trading rooms that allows me to develope every day. I consider Oliver velz and his trading group my trading tribe that will lead me to to become a master trader.

    Steven Paulsen

    Member since: Dec 28th, 2009 Pompano Beach, USA

    Ifundtraders was my choice of learning after looking through MANY MANY programs. Everybody and their cousin seems to have some sort of training acadamy for you to plunk down $5K-$15K. I looked into all of them. As a 31 year old guy trying not to get screwed, I looked into everything and everybody. Problem with all of them is that you then have to fund an account with $25K or more. If you lose money, they just go over the same material with you. Ifundtraders puts their money where their mouth is. PERIOD!!! They have some skin in the game and their trainers are patient and also all business. Such a team oriented deal and you really do learn best practices. Time in the chair and some good strategies have led to great training. I'm getting closer and closer to shutting down my real estate practice and focusing on this full time......A good buddy of mine told me that emotion is a killer in day trading. Ifundtraders funding the account takes that emotion away and allows you to focus on the disciplines. Kind of foolish to go elsewhere....

    Nicholas Papadeas

    Member since: Apr 9th, 2010 Springfield , USA

    I have been trading professionally since 1966. First as a registered representative for various NYSE member firms. Then I became a Member of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange as a trader and specialist. Followed by joining the newly formed NY Futures Exchange as a floor trader. With the age of computers I became an on line trader of stocks, option, and mini futures. I have made a lot of money; and lost even more. I've spent time and money on training and gained a lot of experience, some of which I have to unlearn. I have seen a lot of programs, but nothing like the unselfish, complete, no nonsense, goal driven Velez Program. The goal?---Oliver's and all his knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff's goal is to train professional traders to their standards, no matter how long it takes, and upon graduation, fund their trading with the most generous profit sharing I've ever heard of. Thank you Oliver and Staff for not giving up on this student who is looking forward to trading for you soon.

    Michael Khafizov

    Member since: Sep 23rd, 2010 New York, USA

    I start research trading in 2004 i did pass some classes with other schools which cost a lot more then this program with equity, forex. and wealth programs together . After FREE classes with Oliver , I started understanding trading better then with other paid instructors . My primary focus is FOREX now , and I already did training equity's with VCM. In the future I am going to join every program with Oliver . With unlimited retake a classes for FREE, Live real time trading rooms 5 days a week where you see the moderators trade their charts, and they have the BEST Teachers like Chima Burey, Andrew Florence and Dr. Dan and other remarkable people like Reggie, Allen, Santonu and Brad Thomas. With a very knowledgeable Support room and very nice IFT traders members . I don't feel like I am in a competition with other traders, but instead partners , always sharing an ideas in a live trading environment. Joining the ifundtraders was the best decision in my life for my trading, I want to say thanks to all the people at IFT for the program they have developed!

    s. Paul

    Member since: Jul 15th, 2009 Michigan, USA

    Ifundtraders has been by far the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I am extremely selective on whom I give my time and money to for investment education because there are many "phonies" and non practical investment methods out there in which you can pay for. The first time I saw Oliver speak (unfortunately very late in my career) I immediately knew that he had the best program on Wall St. and that I wanted to be one of his traders. I have worked on many major trading desks throughout Wall St. (which has taken many prestigious degrees and years of career ladder climbing, and still doesn't guarantee you an opportunity to trade) and have even traded on the floor of the NYMEX, and none of the training have even come close to matching that of Ifundtraders. There are several reasons why that is, one of them being that many experienced traders don't want to be bothered by beginning traders because they find it distracting to their own work. In other cases many traders consider it as somewhat of a "secret" to the public and that the knowledge only be passed down within their family and close social circles. IFT does not work in this manner, the instructors are incentivized to bring each and every trader to profitability. They are extremely open and detail oriented in how to approach trading so that you develop the correct mind set to profit from high probability situations in the market whether it be equities, forex, or commodities. The IFT family consists of expert traders (Oliver, Chima, Dan, Mike, and many more great traders) that consistently make large profits trading intra-day and longer term positions. The professionalism and daily support that these traders provide surpassed my expectations to the umpteenth degree. Without them, I would not be at the level of trading sophistication I am at now. I think one of the many things that attract people to the trading field is that this is one of the only fields in which success doesn't depend upon superficial matters such as what you look like, your past, your ethnicity, how you dress, how wealthy your family is, your ability to manipulate others, etc. etc. The only thing that matters in this field is your own hard work, determination, and discipline. Because of IFT I have the ability to provide an income for myself and my family, and carry out my dreams without dependence from any one individual or organization.

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